Store Locator Plugin Guide

How can We use the Deals Templates of this Plugin?

Applying the Deals template in the Agile store locator can be done by simply adding the template="deal" attribute in your shortcode. The deals template is built with Template. Therefore, changing the color scheme of template 0 will also apply to the deals template. Now the main idea is how you can add the fields such as price, vendor name, or product owner of that particular deal. To do so you have to write the attributes in these forms.

For the price, you have to add it in the description field like this.

<span class="asl-discount">$ 100</span><span class="asl-real">$ 50 USD</span>

As you can see we have provided discounted rates and actual rates with the span tag. Moreover, you have to add prices in the same format in the "Description Field" as shown in the image.

<span class="asl-discount">$ 100</span><span class="asl-real">$ 50 USD</span>

If you are not offering discounted rates, you can add only the below:

<span class="asl-real">$ 50 USD</span> 

For the vendor name, you can add that in the additional description field.