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How to remove hours from the Store List?

In case you don't want to show the Store Open Hours, you can remove them from your template file, please follow the steps below to see how to remove them.

  1. Goto Plugins Editor, Select Plugin to Edit, Agile Store Locator. Now you have to see which template, you want to modify, the default Template is "Template-0", we will select it under /public/partials/ directory.

    WordPress Plugin Editor

    Image of WordPress Plugin Editor, WP Version (4.9.5)

  2. Now, first of all, make a backup of the content of this file to avoid any problem, then search for open_hours in the content window and remove the highlighted lines, and click "Update File".

    Remove Open Hours

    Image of WordPress Plugin Editor with editing "Template 0" File

By following these two steps, you can remove the Open Hours or any unwanted field you want to remove from List or Info-Window.