Hide Stores on the Page Load

Our Store Locator offers functionality that avoids loading the store list on the initial page load, instead displaying the results only when a search is performed. The controls provide a range of scenarios, allowing you to tailor the display, whether it’s showing markers and a full map, hiding the list, or customizing the view based on user interactions. This flexibility ensures a seamless and efficient user experience when searching for nearby stores or locations.

  1. Default:
    • First one is the default behavoir and markers and list will load normally.
  2. No List and Markers:
    • The store list and markers are not displayed on the map during the initial page load.
    • Users will need to perform a search or select a filter to view the store locations on the map.
  3. No List and Markers with Full Map:
    • Similar to the first scenario, the store list and markers are hidden upon page load.
    • The map is displayed to its full extent, potentially showing a broader area without specific store locations marked.
  4. No List with Markers:
    • The store list is not shown on the page, but the map displays markers for store locations.
    • Users can easily interact with the map to view store details and information.
  5. No List & Map at Load:
    • Both the store list and map remain hidden during the initial page load.
    • The store list and map will only appear when users initiate a search or apply specific filters.
  6. Only Show Stores on Search or Filter Selection:
    • No store list or markers are displayed at the start.
    • The store locations are shown on the map only when users perform a search or apply filters.
  7. Only Show Selected Store on List:
    • The store list displays only the information for the selected store.
    • Users can view details of a specific store without cluttering the list with other locations.

Can I override a second map via shortcode attribute? #

Yes, as all the shortcode attributes can be overridden through the shortcode attribute, this load option can also be done via first_load, below are the examples of it.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR first_load="5"]

With the above 5 value as list, it will hide the Map and the List on the load, you can change the 5 between 1 to 7 based on your requirements.