How to Remove Logo from Store Locator Listing?

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The store list, in Agile Store Locator’s map, has the logo or label of the store next to the store’s name. Moreover, if a user wishes to remove the logo from the store list, they can do so. Furthermore, removing the Logo from the Agile Store Locator Listing is very simple.

Overall there are two methods to remove the label from the store listing.

Method 1 #

The logo appears when you have dummy data. Therefore, if you want to remove this label from the store list, please leave the “logo_name” column empty in the CSV file you intend to import. As a result, all the stores in the CSV file will not have logos.

Keep Logo Column Empty
Keep Logo Column Empty

Method 2 #

Firstly, select the template of the store locator which you are using, all the templates are located under the “partials” folder. Moreover, the complete path of the directory is /wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16973546-agile-store-locator-google-maps-for-wordpress/public/partials/.

Once the right template is selected (Template 0, etc.) open it in the WordPress Plugin Editor. Next, search for the text “public/Logo/{{:path}}”. Lastly, to remove the listing label from your Store Locator, remove the selected text as shown in the image below from your template file.

Once the selected text is removed, update the file with the “Update File” button. Finally, refresh your Store Locator to see the changes.

Remove Store Locator Logo


Image of Agile Store Locator Template File