Store Locator Plugin Guide

Set Offset Values for the Info Window

If you are using info-window layout 1 which has a bigger image, the infobox will cut off due to a large content box, or in case you want to lower the infobox window, you can use the offset values to avoid such a problem.

Shortcode for the y-offset

[ASL_STORELOCATOR info_y_offset="-60"]

You can change the -60 values such as -100 or a bigger number to further add the offset to the infobox.

Shortcode for the x-offset

The offset value for x isn't needed for the infobox layout 1. However, it still can be used with the shortcode below.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR info_x_offset="60"]

60 value will add offset to the x-axis of the infobox, the number can be changed based on your needs.