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To get started with the plugin, download the purchased Plugin and Login into wordpress as administrator. Now go to Plugins in the side Panel and Click Add New, upload the plugin and click Install Now Button. Once the plugin is successfully installed Activate the Plugin by Acivate link.



How to Add Agile Store Locator on your Page?

To add the plugin on the specific Page/Post write the Short Code with the required attributes, then click Publish to save it. The plugin will appear on the published page.


The links show the DEMO of the plugin How it appears on the page.

Demo 1 | Demo 2 | Demo 3 | Demo 4

The Plugin settings can be changed by ASL Setting Page under AS Locator.


Store Management

Add New Store

Store name

Give a title and add some description of a New Store.


Store address

Add Phone number, Fax, Street, City, State, Postal code, Category, Longitude and Latitude. You can also drag a marker to change longitude and latitude coordinates.


Detailed information

In this section you can choose single/multiple categories for a store by using drop down selection, add SITE URL, Additional Details, Enable/Disable store option. Logo option provides add new logo or use a default logo, through marker selector you can select marker marker or upload a new marker. Timing option can be defined to show either the store is opened or closed at the current time.


Import/Export Stores

Import /Export page can be used to upload EXCEL format sheet of stores in to ASL. You can create a category if not exist during import by clicking on Upload, “Export All” button provides the excel sheet of the all the stores in the agile store locator, “DeleteAll” button can be used to delete all the stores on site. Import template can be downloaded from the template link.


Manage Stores

Manage stores display all the stores as grid with the ability to search by any parameter of the store such as store ID, title, description, street, state, city, phone, email, URL, postal code, Disabled, categories, marker ID, logo ID, start time, end time, created date. Action buttons can be used to edit or delete the stores.


Manage Categories

Categories and their icons can be updated through Manage Categories. Add a new category or search a category by ID and name. There is also an Active (YES/No), Icon, created Date and Action(Edit /Delete) options. Category icon can be used as markers for stores in case when “show_categories” is enabled instead of ASL Markers.


Manage Markers

Markers that appear for stores on map can be managed through “Manage Marker” page in WordPress admin panel. You can add a new marker or search markers by ID and Name .There is an Active (YES/No), Icon and Action(Edit /Delete) options in manage markers.


Map Customization

Map Customization panel allow administrator to add Shapes overlay and layers on the map. the DrawingManager allow user to Draw polygons, rectangles, polylines and circles on the Map.

Traffic, Bicycle and Transit layers can be enabled through this page. Administrator can allow the marker animation by the Animate Marker switch.




Agile StoreLocator provides two main themes with multiple background colors, to change the theme background colors please check color scheme



Marker grouping will appear if we have more markers in the same region.


Map Type

This is the google map type, that can be hybrid, roadmap, satellite and terrain.


Default Map

This is the google map type, that can be hybrid, roadmap, satellite and terrain.

Prompt Location

Prompt Location show the modal for confirmation to share current location. Once location is shared the distance from that location to each store will be calculated.


Distance Unit

ASL can work with both distance unit Miles/KM.


Default Zoom

Default Zoom of the google map can be set with the shortcode attribute.


Marker Load

Load ALL loads all the marker once and don’t use ajax to fetch them on each map screen movement, load on bound fetch only the markers of that screen. Load on bound is extra feature which should only be used when we have more than 1000+ markers in different regions.


Show Categories

Show Category will enable/disble the category filter from page.


Time Switch

TIME Switch will display only the stores which are opened at the current time.


Additional Info

Additional Info checkbox will enable/disable additional informatin from store list.


Advance Filter

Advance filter checkbox will show/hide Advance filters from top.
Demo 1 | Demo 2


Category marker

Category Marker will show category icons for stores instead of ASL Markers.
Category Marker On | Category Marker Off


Distance Slider

Distance Slider will enable/disable the range slider of distance from page.



Store Locator has two layouts, Default and Accordion. (Layout 2 doesn’t have filters)
Default Layout | Demo 2 with Filter


Time Format

The time format allow user to display time in 12 Hour and 24 Hour format.
Example of 24 Hour time format

[ASL_STORELOCATOR time_format="1"]



Full Width


Display List

The list is display as default option, the plugin supports to hide the display list.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR display_list="0"]

Demo 1 | Demo 2



Google API key is required for map and google services to work properly, please enable google services Directions, Geocoding and Javascript API.


Default Lat/Lng

Default Lat/Lng for the map loaded on screen.

Default Lat-Lng

Map Layout

9 google map layouts are provided with the Agile Store Locator that can be changed with the short code “map_layout”.
Map layout 01 | Map layout 02 | Map layout 03 | Map layout 04 | Map layout 05 | Map layout 06 | Map layout 07 | Map layout 08 |Map layout 09


Color Scheme

10 Color Scheme are provided with each theme that can be changed with short code. “color_scheme” for theme 0 and “color_scheme_1” for theme 1.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR template="0" color_scheme="1" ]

Color 1 | Color 2 | Color 3 | Color 4 | Color 5 | Color 6 | Color 7 | Color 8 | Color 1 | Color 10


[ASL_STORELOCATOR template="1" color_scheme_1="1" ]


Color 1 | Color 2 | Color 3 | Color 4 | Color 5 | Color 6 | Color 7 | Color 8 | Color 9 | Color 10

Infobox Style

3 types of map InfoWindow are provided with asl that be used with the short code “infobox_layout”.
Demo 1 | Demo 2 | Demo 3


Category Title

Category Title that appear on the top of the ASL Categories. Short code “category_title”.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR category_title="Regions"]

Demo Title


Text Color scheme

4 color fonts are provided with the Agile Store Locator theme 0.
Demo 1 | Demo 2


Header Title

Header Title that appear on the top of the ASL Search. Short code “head_title”.



Agile Store Locator is a Wordpress Plugin that renders stores list with google maps V3 API, the plugin has a complete backend management to manage Styles, Theme, Markers, Import/Export Stores and Manage Categories. The plugin has many features options such as:

How to use it?

Paste [ASL_STORELOCATOR] short code with the optional attributes on wordpress Page or Post. For default load and will use backend customization, these code can override using the attributes.

  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR template="1"] Options -> (0,1) - We have two themes 0 and 1
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR cluster="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR prompt_location="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR map_type="roadmap"] Options -> (hybrid,roadmap,satellite,terrain)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR distance_unit="Miles"] Options -> (Miles,KM)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR zoom="15"] Options -> (9,10,11,....,21)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR advance_filter="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR show_categories="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR additional_info="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR distance_slider="1"] Options -> (0,1)
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR head_title="List of Stores"]
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR layout="1"] Options -> (0,1) - 1 is accordion style, it will not have Advance filters
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR time_switch="1"] Options -> (0,1) - Time switch to enable/disable the switch on agilestorelocator
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR category_marker="1"] Options -> (0,1) - It will show category markers instead of default markers but use it only when each store has single category
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR load_all="1"] Options -> (0,1) - 0 will load markers on bound use it ONLY when having too many markers such as 500+ or 1000
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR font_color_scheme="1"] Options -> (0,1,2,3,4) - Change font color of theme 0
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR color_scheme="1"] Options -> (0,1,2,...,9) - Changes theme 0 background Color
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR color_scheme_1="1"] Options -> (0,1,2,...,9) - Changes theme 1 background Color
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR map_layout="0"] Options -> (0,1,2,...,8) - Change Google Map Style
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR infobox_layout="0"] Options -> (0,1,2) - Change Marker InfoWindow style for theme 0
  • [ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat="-33.947128" default_lng="25.591169"]

Language and Translation

Agile Store Locator does support multiple languages, user can use poedit.exe tool to create keywords for their own language and upload the .mo and .po file in wp-content\plugins\AgileStoreLocator\includes\languages folder.