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Can we set the Radius Value of Distance Range slider?

Yes, as the new feature, Agile Store Locator has provided an Option to fix your radius to any numeric value in KM or Miles, the stores within the range of the radius will appear, and through distance, slider user can reduce to distance filter to 0.1 Miles. The default value of Radius Distance is the longest distance of Store to the User Current Location.

For Example, Store Locator has 3 Stores, Store A is 5 KM for User Location, Store B is 8 KM and Store C is 12 KM. So the longest distance is 12 KM which will be the value of distance slider. Now admin can easily change it by applying a fixed value to it, as shown in the below shortcode.

Example of ShortCode:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR fixed_radius="10"]

As in the above shortcode, the fixed radius value is 10 (Miles or KM), the users which are in range of 10 KM/Miles will see the store.