Why is the Google Map Showing a “Development” Watermark?

Some users of the Agile Store Locator may notice a “Development” watermark on the store locator Google map. There are two reasons for this watermark:

1-  Google API key is missing

2- Google Cloud Console billing account has not been activated

To remove the development watermark from showing on Google maps, a Google API key with an attached billing account needs to be added to the store locator.

Furthermore, to solve this issue you can try the below solutions:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a  Google API key added for the store locator
Google API Key Added
Google API Key Added
  1. Secondly, make sure you have attached a billing account on Google Cloud Console. You need a Google API Key with a billing account attached, but it will not take a single cent from your card until you exceed a limit of 200 USD. In addition, this 200 USD usage is free every month and is more than sufficient to run a normal website. Just make sure that you have set up the referrer correctly when setting up the API keys.
Add Correct Referrer
Add Correct Referrer

For more information on setting up a Google API key please refer to the following post.

In addition,  for more information on how to set up a billing account on Google Cloud Console please see the following video.

Hopefully, this article helped you remove the “Development ” watermark from the store locator Google Maps.