Store Locator Plugin Guide

Google Map Styles

Agile Store Locator has provided 9 Google Maps Styles that can be selected from "ASL Settings". Moreover, the style selection changes the color and labels of tiles and looks pretty cool. Below are the links to these stylish Google Maps layouts.

How can I override the Map layout with the shortcode attribute for multiple maps?

In order to change the map layout for multiple maps, you can utilize the map_layout shortcode attribute, this attribute will override the above selection from the ASL Settings > Maps tab.

 [ASL_STORELOCATOR map_layout="0"]

Possible options are ("0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8","-1")

How can I load the Default Google Maps Style?

In order to load the default Google Maps style, please use the following shortcode.

 [ASL_STORELOCATOR map_layout="-1"]

How to create a custom Google Map?

A custom Google Maps can be created using Google Maps Styler, once you have created the Google Maps style JSON, paste that generated JSON into the Map Custom field, select the Custom in the map layout options, and save the settings.


Disable Point-of-interest(POI)

Enhance the visual appeal of your map by personalizing Points of Interest (POI) through Google Map Styles (use the legacy). This feature empowers you to finely tune the appearance of various POI elements to match your brand or design preferences.


To begin, access the Google Map Style Wizard, configure the Points of Interest category, and make adjustments to the visibility and change it to hidden. Once satisfied, navigate to the JSON tab to reveal the JSON representation of your configured style and copy the entire JSON code.

    "featureType": "poi",
    "elementType": "labels",
    "stylers": [
        "visibility": "off"

Now to the ASL Settings > Maps, and paste that JSON into the textarea "Map Custom" and select the "Custom" from the Map layout, please also make sure that Google Advanced Markers is disabled, and save the settings.

Disable POI