Store Locator Plugin Guide

Filter Address (State, City, Zip Code) through URL Query Parameter or Shortcode Attribute

Since version 4.8.16, stores data that can be filtered through the address parameters that include State, City, and Postal code, the filter to these address values can be applied in two ways, which are as follows

Address Filter using Shortcode Attributes

In order to filter the stores through the shortcode attribute that can be helpful in showing up only a specific state or city on a single page via the following shortcode attribute.


The above shortcode attribute will only serve the stores that are in the NY state, you have to make sure that there are active stores that have the exact same state name.

Similarly, it can be done via the city and zip code as well as shown in the shortcode below.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR city="Denver"]
[ASL_STORELOCATOR postal_code="80204"]

Since version 4.8.31, the title parameter is also supported, so you can filter and show only those stores that match the title, so all the stores that matches the title will appear only.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR title="My Store Title"]

Filter the Stores via Brand & Special Shortcode Attributes

The [ASL_STORELOCATOR] shortcode provides a way to filter and display stores based on their brands and specialties. By using the brand and special attributes, you can refine your store locator to showcase only the stores that match specific criteria.

1. Using the brand Attribute:

To filter stores by brand, use the brand attribute within the [ASL_STORELOCATOR] shortcode. Here's how it works:


This shortcode will display only the stores associated with Brand ID 5 in the store listing and on the map.

2. Using the special Attribute:

Similarly, to filter stores by specialty, employ the special attribute in the [ASL_STORELOCATOR] shortcode:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR special="6"]

This shortcode will showcase only the stores with Specialty ID 6 in the listing and on the map.

3. Combining Attributes:

You can also combine these attributes to further fine-tune your search. For example:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR brand="5" special="6"]

This shortcode will only display stores that have both Brand ID 5 and Specialty ID 6.

Utilizing the brand and special attributes in your shortcode allows you to create a tailored store locator, ensuring that customers can quickly locate stores based on specific brands and specialties relevant to their needs.

Address Filter using the Query Parameters

Similar to the shortcode attributes, the address through State, City, and Postal Code can also be filtered through the query parameters, the usage of it is quite simple, all you need is to provide the query parameters as follows.