Change Header Title Text Store Locator

There are a few strings that can’t be translated through the translation plugin as describe in the translation article, rather they are updated through the ASL Settings, those strings included No of Stores, Category Title, and the No Store Found. In order to change those text you can easily them either through the ASL Settings as in the screenshot.

ASL Settings UI Tab

In case you want to change them for multiple store locators or for the translation, you can do it via the shortcode attributes as given below.

For a French translation

[ASL_STORELOCATOR head_title="Nb de boutique" category_title="Catégories" no_item_text="Pas de magasin"]

For a German translation

[ASL_STORELOCATOR head_title="Anzahl der Geschäfte" category_title="Kategorien" no_item_text="Kein Laden"]