How to Remove the Direction, Zoom, or Website Button

The infobox buttons that are direction, zoom and the website link can be removed from the ASL Settings > UI tab, as given in the screenshot below, all you need is to turn off the desired switch to disable the button.


Here is the example screenshot of all three buttons disabled.


Removing Buttons via CSS Code #

Removing, updating, or changing the position of any element in the store locator UI is really easy. Removing the buttons on the Google marker info window can be done by simply adding specific CSS lines to your stylesheet or page CSS.

Remove Direction Button #

The line to remove the direction button is below.

.asl-p-cont a.action.directions,
.asl-cont a.action.directions {display: none !important}

Remove Zoom Button #

The line to remove the Zoom, please use the given CSS.

.asl-p-cont a.action.zoomhere,
.asl-cont a.action.zoomhere {display: none !important}

Remove Website Button #

The line to remove the Website button.

.asl-p-cont a.action.a-website,
.asl-cont a.action.a-website {display: none !important}