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How can I Import Stores using Excel Sheet?

Adding stores into your store locator can be done with "Add New Store" page, but if you have a long list of stores you can quickly import them using Excel Sheet Import. The plugin has template which admin can follow by adding all his store's details, the columns for excel sheet import are as follows.

title, description, street, city, state, zip, country, lat, lng, phone, fax, email, website, is_disabled, logo_name, categories, marker_id, logo_image, description_2, open_hours
Column NameField Name
Column Atitle
Column Bdescription
Column Cstreet
Column Dcity
Column Estate
Column Fzip
Column Gcountry
Column Hlat
Column Ilng
Column Jphone
Column Kfax
Column Lemail
Column Mwebsite
Column Nis_disabled
Column Ologo_name
Column Pcategories
Column Qmarker_id
Column Rlogo_image
Column Sdescription_2
Column Topen_hours

It is must to follow the ordering of above table in your Import Excel sheet, else the import will not work.

If you have coordinates (lat/lng) missing, the import tool will fetch it from google geoencoding service. The mandatory columns for geoencoding service are city, state and zip code. In case any one of the column is missing the tool will not fetch the coordinates. Google Geoencoding API has Usage Limit Per Second, too many records may be blocked by Google, so for that case, you can upload up to 200 records at the same time which is tested and works fine. If the coordinates are already added in your excel sheet then you can upload unlimited stores in your excel sheet.

How can I add categories through Import?

Import tool will automatically create categories and will assign to stores, you must have to add a pipe character "|" in between multiple categories if you want to assign multiple categories to a single store.

How I can add Logo using Import tool?

You can add your logo name and logo image to these columns (logo_name, logo_image). You have to upload the logo images which can be in these formats (jpg, png, jpeg, gif, JPG) through FTP service in the Logo folder under this directory location.


Import method will only consider logo_image field if store logo_name doesn't exist in Store Locator Logos. If you want to create a new logo make sure you have already uploaded logo image into "/wp-content/plugins/AgileStoreLocator/public/Logo/" folder and logo_name must be unique and doesn't exist in existing Logo list.