Stores Cards (Formerly Store Grid)

From version 4.9.10, the Store Grid has been renamed to Store Cards due to the name conflict with the Store Grid Templates. Store Cards were introduced since 4.8.21, we have introduced another shortcode attribute using which you can create a stores grid anywhere to show the stores in grid format, the store’s grid supports a number of attributes to filter the store’s data such as filter by city, state, categories, or country, as in the shortcodes below.

[ASL_CARDS city="Port Elizabeth"]

The above shortcode will list only the stores that are located in the city of Port Elizabeth, similarly, you can do it in the country state as well.

[ASL_CARDS state="NY"]

Or with the categories to list stores of only assigned one or more categories comma separated.

[ASL_CARDS category="5,6"]
Stores Cards by the above shortcodes

How can we change the cards limit? #

To change the number of posts, all you need is to provide the limit in the shortcode attribute as given below.

[ASL_CARDS limit="200"]