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How we can add Custom Color for Store Locator?

Agile Store Locator provides 10 color options pallet, but in case if your required color is not available in the color pallet, then you can simply modify the CSS file for the template which is used, these are the file names that need to be modified in case you need some different color.

  • Template 0 File to Modify public/css/asl.css
  • Template 1 File to Modify public/css/blue/asl-1-0.css
  • Template 2 File to Modify public/css/asl-2.css

If you want to modify Template 0 you simply need to perform Replace All "#CC3333" color to your desired color code such as "#2581C4", this operation will replace the color code of first color option in pallet, you have to make sure that first option is selected in Template 0 color pallet. Steps to Modify Template 1 and Template 2 are exactly same, but in Template 1 and Template 2 we have used multiple colors, so you have replace two colors instead of one.

Three Color Codes need to be changed for Template 1

#2580C3, #06476D, #EF5A28

Two Color Codes need to be changed for Template 2

#CC3333, #542733

You have to make sure you work in the right file as described above, plus it is must that the first option of color pallet is selected from backend ASL Settings.