Why Choose Us?

Agile Store Locator is a reliable Store Locator WordPres Plugin in the market, we have received excellent response from most of our users; the plugin is designed and developed to fit in very single device without applying any negative effect on rest of the site functionality or it’s theme, frontend developers can customized it according to their needs. The plugin have 80+ feature options and different templates to provide users the choice of selection. Our lite version deployed in wordpress.org has thousands of active users all over the world.

200+ Positive

Flexibility of Store Locator Plugin

Adaptability is considered a major concern, an active website can’t apply additional widgets into their page as it may looks odd or unmatched on their site, considering that agile store locator has provided multiple templates with more layouts and colors making a large variety for users to select their store locator that suits on their website and looks part of it. Additional attributes can easily be added or removed from plugin frontend by some easy customization in its template.

Feel Supported with Free Premium Support

We are always available by online email support to all our users that have any trouble in installation or any other malfunction on their site, our experts reply in the minimum amount of time to sort out the problems, we may also request WordPress access of user site to check the issue in case we notice if there is some library conflict with some other plugin or theme.

Refund Policy

Agile Store Locator has 100% refund policy in case the plugin is not usable for users or user doesn’t like our plugin we will refund 100% by submitting a small request form.

Customization of the Template

We offer customization service of our store locator plugin in case you need any additional feature or template adjustment, we provide this service for some additional cost based on the users requirement, initially we quote cost and time for the customization and once user agree we do it. Taking care of all your points we make 100% matched results of user provided requirements.

Still not sure?

We welcome you to email us for your queries; our experts will reply any of your questions related to agile store locator. Email us at [email protected].