Store Locator Plugin Guide

Store locator Layout

Agile Store Locator for WordPress has multiple templates and every template except list and grid has three layouts. Firstly, the default layout is a listing layout, secondly, the other layout is a beautiful accordion layout, that presents the stores in the country, state, city, and stores hierarchy with accordion animated slide-up and slide-down, and the third one is also an accordion layout which uses categories to make the accordion.

Layout Dropdown - Accordion Layout Option under UI > ASL Settings

Address Accordion Layout

Address layout is compiled upon the store's data that includes the Country, State, and City, the accordion will display the stores under the cities, in case you don't have States or just have a single Country, they will not appear and all the hierarchy will just include the City as the main nodes.

Image of Store Locator with Template 0 and Accordion Layout

Categories Accordion Layout

The categories accordion layout is composed of categories showing up as the nodes and each node will have the assigned stores, if the store has multiple categories, they will appear in both of them.

Image of Category Accordion Layout with Template 2