Store Locator Plugin Guide

A few of my stores are not appearing

This guidance document is designed to help you identify the reasons why a few of the stores are not appearing on the store locator. To troubleshoot the issue, please follow the steps outlined below:

1- Disable JSON Cache: Ensure that you have disabled the JSON cache in the ASL Settings. If you have recently added new stores and they are not appearing, it could be due to the cached JSON being outdated. Disabling the cache will force the store locator to fetch the latest data.

2- Use the Load All Feature: If you are currently using the Load on Bound feature, try switching to the Load All feature. Load on Bound only displays stores within the current map view, so the store you are looking for may be outside the visible area. Load All will show all stores regardless of the map view.


3- Check Store Limit: Verify that you have not applied a store limit setting. If a store limit is set, only a certain number of stores will be displayed. The store you are searching for might be outside the specified limit.


4- Disable Store Distance Control: Temporarily disable the store distance control. If the store you are looking for is located outside the radius set by the distance control, it may not be visible. Disabling the distance control will show all stores regardless of their distance from the search location.


5- Use Simple Shortcode: Ensure that you are using the simplest form of the store locator shortcode, which is [ASL_STORELOCATOR]. This basic shortcode is sufficient to display the store locator on your desired page.

6- Verify Store Coordinates: It is possible that the coordinates of the store you are searching for are invalid, which could explain why it is not appearing in the search results. To address this issue, navigate to the "Manage Stores" section, edit the specific store in question, and rewrite the address. This action will trigger the system to fetch the coordinates again and save the updated store information.


If after following these steps, your store still does not appear, please provide us with one or more Store IDs and your store locator URL. If you are using the pro version, kindly include your purchase code. You can reach out to us via email at Our support team will assist you in resolving the issue promptly.