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How can I change Address Search Placeholder?

Changing Store Locator Address Search Placeholder is really easy, first of all you have to check which template you are using, you template can be Template 0, Template 1 or Template 2. Once you know the right template you have to modify its template file.

  • Template 0 File to Modify template-frontend-0.php
  • Template 1 File to Modify template-frontend-1.php
  • Template 2 File to Modify template-frontend-2.php

In this wiki tutorial, I'm using Template 0, which is default template of our plugin. Search for keyword "auto-complete-search" to get to that textbox which is used for our plugin search.

autocomplete Search

Image of Template 0 frontend View File

Add an additional attribute to that textbox with you desired text, in my image I've added "Want to Search a Place"

autocomplete Search

Image of updated textbox with placeholder in Google Type Address

Once you add the placeholder attribute, save the Template file and refresh the Store Locator view.