Integrating WPForms with Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator offers seamless integration with WPForms, empowering users to capture leads effortlessly. This integration has been available since version 4.10.1. Here’s how to set up and configure this integration:

Step 1: Creating a Hidden Field in WPForms

To begin, create a hidden field in your WPForms label named “asl_store_id”. This field will serve as a unique identifier for the store associated with the lead.


Step 2: Enabling WPForms Hook in Agile Store Locator Settings

Navigate to the Agile Store Locator Settings and head to the Notification tab. Enable the WPForms hook to activate the integration between Agile Store Locator and WPForms.


Option 1: Using a Separate Lead Form

If you prefer to use a separate lead form, simply provide the store ID to the hidden “asl_store_id” field within the WPForms label. When a lead is captured through this form, the email notification will be sent directly to the store owner associated with the specified store ID.


Option 2: Including a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button in Store Locator Listing

Alternatively, you can include a Call-to-Action (CTA) button in the store locator listing. When users click on this button, it opens a form containing the WPForms integration. This form will automatically populate the “asl_store_id” field with the corresponding store ID. Upon submission, the email notification will be sent to the respective store owner, to integrate the lead form as a CTA, follow the steps below:

1- Add the WPForms ID in the shortcode as the WPForms attribute.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR wpforms="3039"]

3- Make sure that the hidden field has the CSS Classes as asl_store_id in the form.


2- Add a call to action through the Store Locator List Customization.

<a class="btn btn-asl asl-lead-cta-btn">[Contact Store]</a>

By leveraging this integration, you can streamline lead capture processes and ensure timely communication between customers and store owners.

How to include a Lead Form on the Store Detail page? #

Agile Store Locator does support including a lead form that will send emails to the store of the listed page detail, Integrating a lead form with WPForms on the store detail page is a seamless process. Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Add WPForms Shortcode: On the store detail page where you want to include the lead form, insert the WPForms shortcode. This shortcode allows you to display the form on the desired page.
  2. Hidden Field: Add a hidden field with the label asl_store_id in the WPForms form.
  3. Enable WPForms Hook: In the ASL Settings, navigate to the Notifications tab. Locate the option to enable the WPForms hook and toggle it on. This step ensures that emails generated from the lead form submission are sent to the respective store owners.

By completing these steps, you can easily incorporate a lead form powered by WPForms into your Agile Store Locator store detail pages, facilitating seamless communication between users and store owners.