Enable Category Markers

Agile Store Locator has a great feature to show category markers. These are map markers of your store categories that appear on a Google Map representing the stores. Moreover, by default, the store markers have enabled admins can select every single store. Furthermore, simply enable the checkbox to enable markers associated with your categories.

To enable the category markers, please follow the steps:

  • Go to the ASL Settings in the WP Admin panel, and select the General Tab.
  • Search for Category Marker and enable it.
Enable the Category Marker
  • Save the Settings.

Category markers can also be enabled through the shortcode attribute in case you have more than one map.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR category_marker="1"]

Override/Overlap the Marker Image #

To display a marker image on top of the others based on the category order, you can use the following shortcode:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR marker_index="1"]

By adding the following shortcode, the markers that are associated with the category having the highest order ID will appear on top of the other markers.


Demo of Category Marker<code class="wella"> #

Category Marker Enabled<code class="wella">

Category Marker Disabled