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" Thanks to the customer support! they are the best!!!! :) I'm so happy with this plugin "

- laucabello

" Really good plugin. Amazing documentation and really helpfull and fast customer support. Highly recommended "

- lkjc

" Great plugin! Easy to customize, well built and a great customer support. I needed for something diferent from a store locator and I could easily customize it as I needed. "

- giomani70

" This plugin is by far the best store locator in terms of quality and features available. There's a ton of options and settings available but some of the tweaks need to be coded. So if you're not too familiar with coding, don't worry their customer support is exceptional and professional. I requested some customizations and they were quick to respond and make it happen. Thanks to the Agilelox team. "

- jcw_05

" Great plugin with lots of options great plugin with lots of customization options, great and fast support, great prices for customizations ... basically, great!, "

- alberto_mondini

" For those customizations you can't perform via the interface, they have good documentation on how to further customize the plugin programmatically. Also, exemplerary customer support! I chose this plugin because of the 14 similar ones I tried, not only did this come quite close to perfect out of the box, but the author responded immediately with whatever support I needed. Day or night, I got a real answer wight away. Beautifully and functional. Give it try. "

- siawyn

" Their customer service was excellent. They were very responsive on multiple occasions. "

- dennyhoward

" Very nice, many configurable templates, markers and more features "

- monica1972

" The plugin works great, and Zubair was pleasant to deal with in regards to customizing this further for our needs "

- microncomputing

" Fantastic tool with lots of out of the box options. When I was looking to customize a bit further, they were quick to help and respond. "

- lsamre914

" Amazing support! There is almost no limitation when it comes to customizability, we were able to customize this entire plugin to our exact liking and are very happy with the results. When in doubt about customizing the design or functionality ask for support form the dev and he will always have a positive answer for you! "

- dreambased

" Support would be 6 stars if they were available. And the plug-in is great and easy to use. "

- John Klein

" Big addon and big assistance from agilelogix for trubleshooting! "

- pat70

" This is a fantastic plugin and the support is amazing! thanks very much Agile. I'll be definitely recommended you! Great... "

- Vern Nowland

" Great map app. Fast and good Support. Thank you for your support. "

- gator0815

" Great plugin and also awesome and quick support! Thanks for your work! "

- mela030

" This plugin does work and executes what it is supposed to perfectly. Download and installation was swift and easy. Adjusting the plugun to my needs with the help of customer support was a breeze. All my questions got answered almost immediately and the solutions were presented quickly. If you are looking for a easy and professional plugin that works with great support, this is for you! Thank you! "

- fabienneBESD

" The developer really helped me with some lay-out questions I had. I'm so happy with the support he gave me. He went above and beyond expectations! Thank you so much. "

- WeldonStudio

" I have yet to find a plugin developer as responsive and helpful as Agile. They went over and above the requirements and helped us get their plugin working correctly on our site. "

- Paul Newman

" Perfect shape plugin!! "

- gabys86

" Support very fast! "

- Sonia - Kaiman Srl

" Putting aside that this is a great plugin and that it works as expected. The customer support is great! Had an issue that I couldn't figure out and the developer was more than helpful in trying to pin point the issue. I made a mistake swapping the values for lag/lat and I didn't realize it. Definitely recommend this plugin if you are looking for a store locator that is simple and works. "

- Enrico Ferreira

" Excellent Support. ( Best map plugin on market....in mùy opinion ) "

- Said Ferrani

" Nice build..Great Customer Support!! "


" Thank you very much for you great support. "

- Steven Motmans

" BTW, great plugin. I have tried so many and this is the only one that does what I need it to do. "

- Scott Minnis

" Realy fast and accurate solutions! Great plugin :) "

- Pablo Daniel

" Quick support. this is very useful and easy to import csv datas. "

- Teruhisa Osawa