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Import/Export Stores Data

Import/Export Tab is another way to feed Stores data into the system, your store's data can be uploaded in EXCEL format. This tab holds all the uploaded excel sheet into the system and is visible in a list format, your excel data sheet can be downloaded, deleted or imported into the database.

Import/Export Tab

Image of Import/Export Tab, Agile Store Locator

Create Category If NOT Exist

When this checkbox is checked, the import process will automatically create the missing categories which are provided into your Excel sheet, the category name will be prompted in the Import Status Report which appears after the import process is completed.

Use Google API KEY Option

Admin can create a category if not exist during import Process by clicking on Upload, "Export All" button provides the excel sheet of the all the Stores in the agile store locator, “DeleteAll” button can be used to delete all the stores on site. Import template can be downloaded from the template link.

Delete All Stores Option

This button will prompt you to Delete all the Stores Data from the System and will delete it once Admin user confirms it, use this button carefully because data can't be retrieved once it's all deleted.

Export All Button

This button will simply export all the Stores data from the database and will provide you an excel sheet that will contain complete Stores Data and it's Categories from the system.