The #1 Store Locator Plugin for WordPress based on the Google Maps

Agile Store Locator is a premium store finder plugin designed to offer you immediate access to all the best stores in your local area. It enables you to find the very best stores and their location thanks to the power of Google Maps. Agile Store Locator uses the Google Maps API V3 in order to offer you immediate, accurate information about each store that suits a customer inquiry!

How It Appears on your Web Page

agile store locator

Store Locator Dashboard in WordPress

Stats and Analytics With Bar Chart

Agile Store Locator has its own dashboard panel which displays all the statistics of your Store Locator such as number of stores, categories, markers and search count. It displays top searches like most viewed stores and locations. The dashboard also displays the number of store and location searches in the bar charts for each month, admin can also view chart of previous months and can compare results.

Store Locator Dashboard
Store Locator Dashboard

Multiple Templates

And Layouts

Agile Store Locator has a variety of template, layout and colors that can easily adapt to your website. It features multiple layouts that you can add to the site and the templates on their own deliver a wide array of color options through solid color pallet for each template. You can also switch between layouts that can be either list or accordion layout which looks great as it shows the hierarchy of city, states/province and country.


Location Finder to Filter Stores

Near your Location

Thanks to this great Location finder Plugin, you get to filter stores located only in your local area. You can easily apply the filter or change the supported region simply by using the distance range slider. It supports prompt GeoLocation through which you can get to your current location. This way you have complete control over how accurate the location feature really is!

Google Map Customization in Plugin

Draw Polygon, Circles,
Polylines & Rectangles and Add Layers

Agile Store locator allow you to customize your own google maps that offers you the ability to customize your google maps in any way you want. With its help, you can easily draw shapes like Polygon, Circle and Rectangle as you see fit, you can also customize the fill and border colors through available color pallet. This tool also integrates bicycle, transit and traffic features that you can disable or enable if you want, see demo of shapes overlay.


Import/Export Using

Excel Sheet

If you have a large collection of stores you can easily import it into your store locator via Excel files, the import tool have a excel template through which you can import your stores into wordpress. This Google Maps WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly import as many stores as you want without any restrictions. Import tool fetches missing coordinates from google geo-encoding service, it also auto create missing categories on your stores which are added in your excel sheet.



Compatibility with all the devices is must nowadays, Agile Store Locator is built with Bootstrap and is highly responsive to any desktop, mobile or tablet. The Agile Store Locator has a great responsive design, as a result, it can be used on just about any device that you might want without any restrictions whatsoever.


Google Maps Direction

Service Supported

You can’t find a good store without a dedicated direction service and Agile Store Locator is here to help you with that. Thanks to this store locator WordPress plugin, you can see the direction from point A to point B drawn directly on your map. This way you can find the store location without a problem!

Want to see online Shop? use

Time Switch

In case you want to see only the stores that are opened at the time of your inquiry, all you need is to use the Time Switch features. This can be turned On or Off, with Off allowing you to see the stores that are closed during your inquiry.



Language Supported with RTL

Our WordPress Plugin can have any language that is used by the website, the languages can be added easily by few simple steps; you can read the documentation about how you can add you own language into it. You can easily add multiple languages on your own in just a few steps.


Map Styles Supported

This Google Maps Plugin comes with a multitude of map styles that you can choose from at your own pace. We integrated a Snazzy Map option that can be accessed from the plugin settings.


Markers & clusters

The Agile Store Locator features an unlimited number of marker icons. These allow you to pinpoint special locations on your map. If there are too many markers, you just need to enable clustering for the very best results!

More Exciting Features

  • 5 Beautiful Templates for Store Locator
  • 3 Unique Info-Window for Markers
  • Layouts with Listing and Accordion Style
  • Select your Store Locator Color Scheme
  • Deals and Real-Estate Templates
  • Deep Search Analytics
  • Two Unique Prompt Location Dialog (Geo-Location)
  • Google Maps Skins Options
  • Sort Locator Listing
  • Extra options to Adjust Google Map
  • Load Markers on Bound Feature
  • Sort Stores by Distance, Name, City, and State
  • Draw Custom Overlay Shapes on Google Map
  • Enable Timing for Store by Each Day
  • Search Stores by Name Option
  • Restrict Google Search to a Country
  • Show Only Nearest Stores Option
  • Set Full Screen Store Locator
  • Adjust your Radius Slider
  • Import Process to Add/Update Stores
  • Open Direction in Mobile App
  • Enable Marker Clusters
  • Single/Multiple Category Selection
  • Set Google Maps Language
  • Set Full Width and Height
  • Set Google Map Region Option
  • Auto Add Coordinates in Import Process
  • Sort by Distance, City, State or Sort ID
  • Assign Multiple Categories to a Store
  • Type Ahead Google Place API
  • Markers Manager Panel
  • Logo Manager Panel
  • Marker Manage Panel
  • Set 12 Hour or 24 Hours Format
  • Set Distance Unit to KM or Miles
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location
  • Manage Markers icons with Names
  • Manage Categories icons with Names
  • Import / Export Stores Excel Sheet with all the Columns
  • Delete All Stores with a Single Click
  • Choose a Google Map type Hybrid, Road Map, Satellite, or Terrain
  • Time Switch to Show Open and Closed Stores
  • Show Distance to each Store from Current Location
  • Set Default Zoom of your Map
  • Show Additional Information
  • Enable/Disable Advance Filters
  • Enable Category Markers
  • Enable/Disable Distance Slider
  • Set Default Coordinates of your Google Map
  • Change Header Title
  • Change Font Color Scheme
  • Change Category Title
  • Enable/Disable Store List Panel
  • Search Stores by any Parameter

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6 Months support of the plugin is included with all free upgrades. Email us at [email protected] in case of any problem.