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Store Finder Features
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WordPress Widget UI

How Store Locator Appear On Your Web Page

You can easily add our neat & clean Store Locator on your website that'll be responsive and compatible with all devices.

Plugin Appearance Plugin Appearance
Agile Store Locator Features

Plugin Advance Features

All the common features that should be part of the plugin have been integrated
into the plugin, and the plugin is regularly updated

Feature Icon
Feature Icon
Feature Icon
Feature Icon
Open Hours
Feature Icon
Color Customizer
Feature Icon
Store Logo
Feature Icon
Restrict Search
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WP Languages
Feature Icon
Time Format
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Marker Animation
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Distance Slider
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Easy Customization

Dashboard In WordPress
Stats And Analytics
With Bar Chart

Agile Store Locator has its dashboard panel which displays all the statistics of your Store Locator such as the number of stores, categories, markers, and search count. It displays top searches like most viewed stores and locations.

Service Image

Multiple Templates
And Layouts

Agile Store Locator has a variety of templates, layouts, and colors that can easily adapt to your website. It features multiple layouts that you can add to the site and the templates on their own deliver .

Layouts Image

Location Finder To Filter
Stores Near your Location

Thanks to this great Location finder Plugin, you get to filter stores located only in your local area. You can easily apply the filter or change the supported region simply by using the distance range slider.

Finder Image

Google Maps Customization
Draw Polygon, Circles, Polylines & Rectangles and Add Layers

Agile Store locator allows you to customize your Google Maps that offers you the ability to customize your Google Maps in any way you want.

Service Image

Import/Export Stores
Using CSV

If you have a large collection of stores you can easily import it into your store locator via Excel files, the import tool have an excel template through which you can import your stores into WordPress.

CSV Image

Highly Responsive UI
Compatible with All Devices

Compatibility with all the devices is a must nowadays, Agile Store Locator is built with Bootstrap and is highly responsive to any desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Responsive Image

Google Maps
Services Direction Service Supported

You can’t find a good store without a dedicated direction service and Agile Store Locator is here to help you with that.

Direction Image

Want To See Online Shop?
Use Time Switch

In case you want to see only the stores that are opened at the time of your inquiry, all you need is to use the Time Switch features.

Time Switch Image

Multiple Languages
Supported With RTL

Our WordPress Plugin can have any language that is used by the website, the languages can be added easily by few simple steps; you can read the documentation about how you can add your language into it.

RTL Image

Style Google Maps
Create your Map Layout

This Google Maps Plugin comes with a multitude of map styles that you can choose from at your own pace. We integrated a Snazzy Map option that can be accessed from the plugin settings.

Map Layout Image

Markers & Clusters Apply
Custom Marker to each Store

The Agile Store Locator features an unlimited number of custom marker icons, these allow you to pinpoint special locations on your map. If there are too many markers, you just need to enable clustering for the very best results.
Google Advanced Markers are now supported! πŸŽ‰

Service Image

List & Accordion Layouts
Support Multiple Layouts

Our plugin is not just limited to a simple store list, you can also create organize the list sorted into Country, State, City hierarchy which makes it easier for the users to drill down the list and see the stores within their required.

Service Image

Search Widget to Search
Address from Anywhere

Our plugin includes a search widget that can be included anywhere on your website for the address searching that redirects to the Store Locator page with the filled address parameters to automatically load the Store Locator on the searched location.

Service Image

Create Custom Fields
with your dataset

Agile Store Locator offers limitless possibilities beyond the predefined fields. Now, tailor your store details to perfection by crafting an array of custom fields that match your unique requirements.

Service Image

Create Call To Action buttons

Add call to action buttons on your website which your visitors can use to make useful actions such as subscribing to your email newsletters, adding a product to their cart, creating an account, checking out etc.

Service Image

Lead Form Widget

Create a lead form page that can be used to get the contact information of potential customers. Once you have a potential customer's contact information you can use this information for future marketing strategies.

Service Image
Agile Store Locator Advance Feature

Store Locator Plugin Benefits

Agile Store Locator is your Business growth tool. No developers are needed.
Use 50+ features Inside this Plugin on your website within minutes.

Store Locator Analytics

Leverage Store Locator Analytics to see your top stores and searches

Extra Custom Fields

Now you can add more additional custom fields in the Store Locator

Store List Sorting

You can easily sort stores list based on distance, title or city, or categories

Search Location

Use Search Location by database or Google Place API

Restrict Search

You can easily restrict any unnecessary country users from viewing your stores.

ColorMaker tool

Customize or Use 10+ color option palettes inside the Store Locator Plugin


Our Store Locator Plugin can Import coordinates efficiently

Choose distance Controls

Our Store Locator Plugin has three distance controls slider, drop-down, and boundary box

Display Store Hours option

Leverage the Display Store Hours option to show your business hours

Overview Of Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator | Multi-purpose
Google Maps WordPress Plugin

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