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How to add a Store Details Page?

The Store locator WordPress can also display the complete Store details of a single Store separately by using the shortcode [ASL_STORE], the shortcode can be added anywhere on the website and it will display the details once the page will load with the query parameter sl-store or the sl-title.

Store Locator Detail

Image of Store Locator Details Page

How to add the link button?

To add the button link in the Store Locator listing, please copy/paste the HTML tag script into your current template listing section under the tmpl_list_item section.

<a href="/store-details/?sl-store={{:id}}" class="btn btn-block btn-default">Store Detail</a>

In the above example, the /store-details/ is the page URL of the Store detail, where you have added the shortcode [ASL_STORE].