UTF-8 CSV File Error Fix

Problem: Sometimes a user will face an issue if they try to import a UTF-8 CSV file, which results in the file being imported with “garbage characters”(RFÚRÔGÉP).

Explanation: Agile Store locator supports UTF-8 CSV files with the following parameters

  1. Export Text: Unicode (UTF-8)
  2. Field delimiter:, (comma)
  3. String delimiter: “ (inverted comma)
Compatible CSV Parameters
Compatible CSV Parameters

Solution: This error is mainly due to the wrong encoding of the CSV file. To fix this issue please follow the below steps:

  1. Import the CSV file into Google spreadsheets and check if the data is being displayed correctly
  2. If the data is fine, then export another CSV from Google spreadsheets 
Import a New CSV file
Import a New CSV file

Once the new CSV file is exported it should now work fine with Agile Store Locator.