Frequently Ask Questions

Does Agile Store Locator supports Multilingual?

Yes, Languages can be added in .mo and .po format under includes/languages folder.

Can I include Agile Store Locator to my custom theme?

Yes, Agile Store Locator supports any theme, you can add it on Post/Page by adding the Shortcode.

Will I loose my Stores List if I'll upgrade the Plugin?

No, Agile Store Locator keeps backward compatibility, so upgradation will not cause any problem, you can get in touch with us in case of any problem.

What is the fastest way to reach for support?

You can email us at “[email protected]”, we will try to respond you as soon as possible.

Can I make a custom template UI for the Plugin?

Yes, you can make a custom template for the plugin, please read the documentation for more help.

Can I import Timings of Stores with the excel sheet import?

Yes, through XLS file import you can import all the attributes of your stores.

Is the Plugin Compatible with Visual Composer of WordPress?

Yes, the Plugin is fully compatible with any other plugin.

Can AgileLogix customize the Plugin according to our changes?

Yes, you can contact us through contact form we can discuss it with you.

My Store Locator doesn't display at all.

If you have put the shortcode and still your Store Locator doesn't appear at all, please try this shortcode
[ASL_STORELOCATOR no_script="1"].

Does Agile Store Locator is GDPR compliance?

Yes, it is GDPR compliance, and doesn't save or share any personal information.

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