A WooCommerce Multi Store Manager that makes life easier for Store Owners

Multi Stores Addons for WooCommerce is a one-of-a-kind WooCommerce multi-location management plugin that will allow you to manage multiple WooCommerce stores from one place.

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multistore local pickup
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With this WooCommerce multi-location management plugin you will be able to manage inventory, process orders, ship products, set prices, etc. all from the convenience of a single place.

Multi Store Addons Plugin Features

The Agile Store Addons for WooCommerce come with a number of valuable features that will make managing your WooCommerce multi locations as easy as running a single store!


Local Pickup

The Local Pickup Features enable you to assign a local pickup shipping method to specific stores.


Shipping Zones

Create convenient shipping zones that are used to assign certain shipping methods to a specific geographic location.


Store List Widgets

Use store list widgets to allow customers to choose from which store they receive their purchased product.


Payment Methods

Instruct each of your individual stores to only accept assigned payment methods like paypal or credit card etc


Product Pricing

Change, modify, and manage product pricing for all your store products in all of your stores from one location.


Stock Quantity

Easily update the stock quantity for all your product in each and every one of your stores from one convenient place.


Location Picker at Checkout

Set a location picker at checkout that will be used to get pinpoint accurate addresses from your customers


Shipping Distance Rate

Set automatic shipping rate calculations for similar shipments based on distance, quantity, and priority.



Multi Addons for WooCommerce is compatible with almost all software, websites, themes, plugins, page builders.


Location Wise Order Sorting

Easily manage multiple orders and plan deliveries without backtracking by sorting received orders based on locations.


Email Notifications

Store Admins can now get email notifications for sold products, Out of stock and Near out of stock products.


Import & Export

Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce Users can now import and export Specific Store location’s stock.


Store Analytics

After using some features of the plugin, you can view store analytics for individual stores to see how they have performed.


Sales Reports

Generate sales for select stores within a certain timeframe and analyze how much sales each store has made.


Discount Sales

Use the plugin to apply discounts and promotion on selected stores and keep the remaining ones unchanged.

Our Plugin Benefits

To help you manage WooCommerce-based Online Store, Multi Stores Addons for WooCommerce is designed to help, and deliver products from multiple store locations to customers from one single plugin.

multiple stores

Control Multiple Store, Warehouse, or Location’s Products, and Inventory

products quality

View Products Quantity and Availability based on specific Store Locations

store wise pricing

Leverage Store Location-Wise Pricing, Payment & Shipping Methods

product by locations

Allow Users to Pick their Products from specific store locations

pick locations

Increase your orders by making it easy for users to pick their location.

select store

Users can select store locations on the product and cart page.

WooCommerce shipping feature

All WooCommerce Shipping & Payment Features Availablle.

shipping rules

Create Custom Shipping rules for specific store locations

Our Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

“Fantastic! This is a brilliant add-on for Agile Stores for WooCommerce. Very helpful - plugins like this are already available; but they aren't very good. This one is superb.”


“I love this plugin and the developers behind it. I've been able to successfully import over 700 stores that carry our products and customize them to my needs. Any time I have run into an issue, the developers behind this plugin are always quick to respond and provide fixes or update those fixes in the next update. Get this plugin. It's the best!”


“The most complete store maps plugin. The support is the best I have ever seen all these years on WordPress plugins! thanks again!”


Explore the WooCommerce Advanced Features In just
3 Steps

Use the plugin to manage all of your stores and enable advanced features that will improve customer experience and the performance of all your stores.

how it works?

How It Works?

Enable the Addon to experience how it looks and works from your store page. The same experience will also be available to your customer.


Install Plugin

A quick and simple installation process to get the plugin up and running


Activate Desired Features

Turn on the plugins features according to your strategy


Experience the Results

Witness how the plugin changes the way customers interact with your store