Distance Rate Shipping with Table Rate: Tailoring Shipping Costs to Location

Our Distance Rate Shipping module excels in precise cost calculation by factoring in store proximity, item quantity, order total, and product weight. Supporting multiple store locations, it ensures accurate rates for various customer locations, enhancing shipping transparency and checkout convenience. This feature is essential for businesses aiming to offer tailored and efficient shipping solutions.

One type of store selection widget is a store drop-down menu that can be used to select a store.

Store Selection for Distance Rate

Select Control for Store Selection

Effortlessly calculate shipping costs based on store distance with our module. Give the Select dropdown widget a try for streamlined store selection and accurate rates.

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One type of store selection widget is a set of radio buttons that can be used to select a store.

Store Selection for Distance Rate

Store Locator to Search & Select Store

Experience the same functionality using our Store Locator to select the nearest store. With accurate distance-based calculations, the Store Locator makes choosing the right pickup location simple and efficient.

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