WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin: Auto Calculate Shipping Costs

With the Multi Store Addons for WooCoomerce plugin, you can calculate and display dynamic shipping costs by considering factors such as distance, total weight per item or weight per item count, order subtotal, and displacement.

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Advanced Distance-Rate Shipping Feature to Create the Best WooCommerce Shipping Service

Discover a host of features that will make calculating complicated shipping costs a simple and hassle-free procedure

Get Distance-Rate Shipping

Add an additional shipping method for your store besides the standard WooCommerce shipping methods.

Create Multiple Shipping Rules

Create many shipment rules that can be used to calculate the shipping fee for different conditions.

Table Rate Shipping for All Zones

Distance-rate shipping can be enabled or used for all the shipping zones that you have created.

Auto-Select Store for Shipment

The Auto-select Store feature will automatically select the closest store at the checkout page.

Easily Assign Stores

You can easily assign or unassign a store to the distance-rate shipping method zone with a click.

Individual Store Rules

Create specific shipping regulations that are designed for specific stores, or create common rules.


One of the Best WordPress Plugins for Table Rate Shipping

With the Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce, you can enhance or upgrade your WooCommerce store with table rate shipping. By using the table rate shipping method (Distance-Rate Shipping), you will be able to provide your customers with customized shipping rates based on their location, total price of the order, shipment weight, etc.

  • A new shipping method for your WooCommerce store
  • Offer your customer customizable shipping options
  • Add other useful shipping features to your online store
  • Create a well-rounded shipping service for customers
  • The plugin works with many other platforms as well


Use Our WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin to Calculate Shipping Costs

With table rate shipping, you can calculate fair and transparent shipping fees for your customers while accounting for various shipping factors such as weight, order total, distance traveled, etc. This is done by creating a series of shipping regulations that modify or adjust the final shipping fee according to certain conditions. All the rules are used to create a "table" that determines what the shipping fee is displayed at the checkout page for your customers

  • Create custom shipping rules for each delivery condition
  • The rules automatically calculate the shipping charges
  • All the rules determine the distance-rate shipping fee
  • Each shipping rule can be customized after creation
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Create Multiple WooCommerce Shipping Rules for Your Online Store

Using the Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce, you can create multiple shipping rules that can be used to determine the shipping cost based on various factors instantly. You can even add multiple conditions for the same rule. For example, you can have rules that factor in both distance traveled and order weight

  • Add and save multiple shipping rules instantly
  • Set priorities for each rule to determine the shipping fee
  • Each rule is used to calculate the shipping cost per order
  • Create shipping rules that account for multiple conditions
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Set Flexible Shipping Rules for Various Transportation Methods

The rules for table rate shipping on the Muti Store Addons for WooCommerce are not limited to just one type of transport method. The regulations you create can even be applied to different shipping classes or transportation methods such as driving, walking, and bicycling.

  • Adjust the Shipping cost based on the delivery travel mode
  • Set the rules for your preferred dispatching method
  • Provide an even more fair shipping fee to your customers
  • Optimize delivery fees and reduce unforeseen costs


Distance-Based Shipping can be Assigned to Various Shipping Zones

The Distance-rate shipping method can be assigned to various WooCommerce shipping zones by selecting the "Store distance rate" shipping method during shipping zone creation. Once a shipping zone with Distance-rate shipping is created, you can also instantly assign stores to this zone.

  • Dedicated shipping zones that use distance-based shipping
  • Easily assign stores to the distance-rate shipping zones
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Discover Some of the Useful Benefits You Can Get by Using Table Rate Shipping

Automate Shipping Rate Calculations for All Your Shipments

With table rate shipping for WooCommerce, you will no longer manually need to calculate complicated shipping calculations that account for various factors. The Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce plugin will do it for you.

  • Avoid manually calculating different shipping fees
  • Remove human-error element from your shipping calculations
  • Get shipping fees for each delivery instantly
  • Ensure your shipping fees are always 100% correct

Prevent Losses Due to Different Shipping Factors

Charging a fixed cost for every shipment is not a very cost-effective way to do business. You will end up undercharging your customers for deliveries that would have otherwise cost more. As a result, you will have to bear some of the expense of this shipment, and this can prove costly as time goes on.

  • Account for different shipping conditions such as distance, weight, etc.
  • Charge an economically viable shipping fee for all your deliveries
  • No more undercharging your customers for product delivery
  • Keep your business profitable by charging condition-wise shipping fees

Calculate Fair and Accurate Shipping Costs To Encourage More Orders

If you use a flat rate shipping fee for all your deliveries then you risk overpricing or underpricing your shipping fees for deliveries with different parameters. Overpricing shipping costs can lead to order abandonment while underpricing shipping fees will prove costly for you.

  • Use table rate shipping to determine shipping fees for your customers
  • Prevent overpricing or underpricing your customers
  • Charging fair shipping fees will encourage customers to place their orders
  • Calculating a fair shipping cost will keep your business financially healthy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Login to your WordPress account
  • Go to the "WooCommerce" tab and click on "Settings"
  • Go to the "Shipping" tab and add a new shipping zone
  • Click on the "Add shipping method" button to set different shipping rates within a zone

Table Rate Shipping Method refers to a table of data that is used to determine an accurate shipping fee based on conditions such as weight, per item, order total, etc.

WooCommerce only has 3 default shipping options:

  • Free Shipping - Which has no shipping fee
  • Local Pickup. - Also has no shipping fee
  • Flat Rate - Has a fixed shipping cost

To set variable shipping fees based on conditions such as distance, weight, order value, etc. you will need to install a separate plugin, such as Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce, that will provide you with distance-based shipping.

Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce is a plugin of Agile Store Locator that you can use to manage multiple WooCommerce stores.

Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that you can use to add a number of new features to you WooCommerce store such as Local Pickup, Distance-rate Shipping, Store-wise Inventory, and much more.

Yes. You have the option to purchase either a 1-site, 3-site, or 5-site license.

Yes. The license for one site can be transferred to another site, but this will deactivate Multi Store Addons on the original site.