What is the “Cutoff Time” in Local Pickup?

One of the local pickup shipping option features in the Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce is the “Cutoff Time”.

Some users may not be clear about this feature. Therefore, this article will explain what it means, how you can use it, and how it can benefit you.

What is the Cutoff Time? #

The Cutoff Time feature is used with the local pickup shipping option.

Whenever your customer places an order for local pickup, there is no telling when they will show up at your store to collect their order. It could be the next day, within a couple of hours, or even after a few minutes. Moreover, no matter what time they arrive, you must keep their order ready to provide superior service quality.

The Cutoff Time feature allows you to set a minimum “processing” period for orders. This is done by restricting your customers from coming for product collection after a certain timeframe has passed. Furthermore, after you set the Cutoff Time, your customers will be able to select a date to collect their product after this period.

You can even set the “Time Interval” for your customer’s expected pickup date. This will further ensure you are ready with a customer’s order.

For example, you can set the processing time to 2 days. This will ensure your customers come to the pickup location two days after placing their order.

Benefits of Using Cutoff Time #

Setting a Cutoff Time will give you the time you need to prepare an order. Furthermore, the Cutoff Time is especially useful if you have to bring the ordered product from a location far away to the pickup point selected by the customer.

By using this feature, you will ensure your customers don’t come to the pickup location before their order is ready for collection.

Adding a processing time will ensure your customers always leave with their ordered product from your pickup point. And that they don’t leave frustrated and empty-handed.

Using the Cutoff Time feature will give you all the time you need to prepare the customers’ orders and then provide it to them whenever they arrive. This will leave a positive impression on your customers, who will be satisfied with your service quality.

On the other hand, not having an order ready in time for the customer will create a bad impression because the customer will feel frustrated and angry that their order was not even prepared.

How Can You Set The Cutoff Time? #

To set the Cutoff Time, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account
  2. Go to the Agile Store Locator Plugin, and select the “Woocomerce” sub-tab
  3. Once you are at the Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce plugin page, click on the “Local Pickup” tab
  4. Turn on the “Enable Cutoff Time” option
  5. Enter a value in the “Cutoff Time Value” field; the value can be in either hours, days, or weeks from the drop-down menu
  6. Click on “Save Settings” once you are done.

Once you have set the Cutoff Time and Time Interval, your customer will be able to select a pickup date and time on the cart page based on the settings you made.