Location Picker on Checkout

The ability to add a location picker on the checkout page is one of the many features available to Agile Store Locator users through the “Agile Stores Addons for WooCommerce” plugin.

A location picker can be used by customers to add their current location at the checkout page by either:

  1. Marking their location on the map
  2. Using the “Detect Location” button to automatically detect the customer’s current location.

To mark a location, customers simply need to click on the map that corresponds to their current location and press the “USE LOCATION” button. Furthermore, pressing the “USE LOCATION” button updates the location information. In addition, the billing address fields are filled with the marked location details.

To add the location picker on the checkout page, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the “Agile Stores Addons for WooCommerce” plugin on Agile Store Locator
  2. Navigate to the “Global” tab
  3. Enable the “Location Picker Checkout” option
  4. Click on “Save Setting”
Location Picker Option
Location Picker Option

Now the location picker map will be available to your customers on the checkout page.

Location Picker Frontend
Location Picker Frontend