Store Locator Plugin Guide

How to Use Local Pickup?

This article will explain how users can use the "Local Pickup" option in the "Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce" plugin.

The "Local Pickup" feature helps your customers pick their respective products themselves from the nearest pickup location. To use this feature you will need to create a shipping zone that uses "Local Pickup", please follow the below steps to do so:

  1. Go to "Settings” under the WooCommerce plugin

2. Go to the "Shipping" tab

3. Click on "Add shipping zone", and the “Zone Name”, “Zone Region/Address”

4. On the "Shipping methods" sections, click on "Add shipping method"

Shipping Zones Creation
Shipping Zones Creation

5. Select "Local Pickup" from the drop-down menu, and make sure it is enabled in the “Shipping methods” section

Local Pickup Option
Local Pickup Option

6. Click on “Save changes” and your shipping zone with local pickup will be created

Once you have created a shipping zone with "Local Pickup", please follow the below steps to be able to add the "Local Pickup" option to your website:

1. Go to Mult-Store Addons for the WooCommerce plugin

2. Click on the “Local Pickup” tab

3. Turn on the “Local Pickup with Store Locator” option

Once the above steps are complete, the "Local Pickup" option will appear on the checkout page of your website.

Local Pickup - Frontend
Local Pickup - Frontend

Note: Local Pickup feature will only work in the shopping cart if the specified WooCommerce shipping region is matching.

How to Enable Cutoff Time?

The Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce plugin also give you the option to set order processing time, known as “cutoff time” for orders placed by your customers.

The cutoff time is defined as the time required by a user to “prepare” a customer's order before it is ready to be collected. 

For example, for orders that require you to bring products from a warehouse that is far away, you can set a cutoff time value to 1 hr. As a result, once a customer places an order, they will be able to choose a time and date that corresponds with the cutoff time. 

The cutoff time prevents customers from coming to the pickup location before their order is ready to be collected.

To enable the cutoff time, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the “Local Pickup” tab on the Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce
  2. Turn on the “Enable Cutoff Time” option
  3. Enter a value for the cutoff time in the “Cutoff Time Value” field, the value can be selected to be in either hours, days, or weeks from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter a time slot interval value in the “Time Slots Interval” field, this will provide your customer with a list of time slots during which they can collect their order. 
  5. Click on “Save Settings” once you are done

Once the above steps are completed your customer will be provided with date and time slot options (that correspond with your cutoff time) to collect their order.