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Explore frequently asked questions about Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce Plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce is an extension designed to enable WooCommerce-based online stores to manage and deliver products from multiple store locations using a single plugin.

Yes, the plugin not only support table rate shipping, it also includes distance rate shipping method along with table rate shipping.

It empowers WooCommerce stores with the capability to manage inventory, shipping, and payment methods specific to each store location.

  • Enables precise control over store-level inventory, shipping methods, and payment gateways.
  • Facilitates store managers to efficiently handle store listings, product inventories, orders, and sales reports.
  • Allows customers to choose a specific store for their order at both product and order levels.

There's no specific limit. You can manage multiple store locations efficiently using this plugin, providing scalability as your business expands.

The Woocommerce plugin on ASL has 3 store display appearances: Select, Radio, and Search Box.

Yes, you can create store-level inventories, set sale prices, and apply discounts for products specific to each store, tailoring offerings as needed.

Yes, Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce support multiple stores local pickup, you can also setup business hours and lead-time for the pickup.

Inventory can be imported/exported via CSV file from the “Import/Export” tab of the plugin.