Add a Site Link in Store Locator List

To add a website link for a particular store onto the store locator list, please follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, go to the “Manage Stores” section on Agile Store Locator, press the “Edit” icon for a particular store and make sure you have added a website URL for the store for which you want to add a link on the store list.
  • Go to “ASL Settings” and select the “UI Setting” tab, enable the “Website Link” option, and click on “Save Settings”.
Enable the Website Link
  • Go to the “Details Page” on “ASL Settings”, and select “Website Field” in the “Website Link Type” option.
Select the Website Field

Now head over to your store locator page. You will now find the website link on the store list, repeat adding the website link for the rest of the stores.

Store Locator Website Link