Validate your Server API Key

Agile Store Locator has the import process that fetches the coordinates in case the coordinates that are longitude and latitude in the CSV file are missing, so in order to fetch them you have to make sure that the Server API Key is added and configured properly, in the steps below we will explain how you can validate the Server API Key.

1- First of all, please make sure that you have added the Server API Key in the ASL Settings, which is generated by following up on the video guide.

Server Key Field in the ASL Settings
How to Add API Keys including Server Key

2- Now once you have added the server key, please validate the Server Key through the Import/Export page by clicking on the Validate API Key button.

Validate API Key

3- The button should report “Valid API Key” in green as in the screenshot above.

4- In case it is not configured properly and you see any referrer error in red, that means your IP referrer is not added properly or has changed over the course of time, so you just need to add the correct IP referrer again in your Google Cloud Console, please follow this guide article about troubleshooting the Server API Key.

5- Once you have troubleshot the issue by following the link in step 4, now if you have already imported your stores and they are still in red like the screenshot below.

Manage Stores with Missing Coordinates

These stores that have missing coordinates (Lat/Lng) will not appear on the frontend, so you have to fetch the coordinates of these stores, assuming that your Server API Key is properly set up now, click on the Fetch Missing Coordinates button.

Fetch the missing coordinates

6- If you haven’t imported the stores yet you can import them now, and the import process will fetch the missing coordinates for the CSV file.