Change the Default Location

South Africa is the default location on the Agile Store Locator map. However, this location can easily be changed if some users prefer to have a different location.

Steps to Change the Default Location & Zoom #

1- Go to the Agile Store Locator dashboard and click on “ASL Setting” and the General tab.

2- Click on the Change button and search for the Location that you want to use as the default map location.


3- The button will open up a popup having Google Maps in it, search for your desired location in it and adjust the pinpoint accuracy to the location where to want the map to be, also adjust the zoom level of it.


Adjust the Zoom level and the Map location, the marker is draggable to pinpoint the location easily.

4- Once you have adjusted the Map, click on the Use Default Location & Zoom button, and after that Save Settings button.

Get Coordinates from Google Maps #

In case, you want to copy the coordinates from Google Maps.


That’s it! you have successfully changed the location.

Default coordinates are not working? #

You may be facing a problem in configuring the above default coordinates, due to the following reasons, which need to be rectified.

1- Make sure that the coordinates that you have copied should be in degree format and not the radian as Google Maps works with the degree for the coordinates.

2- Validate that you have not mistakenly copied the Lat value into the Lng field, and similarly the Lng field into the Lat as that may result in showing in some other location, for example, a US location will show in Africa or China region.

3- Please make sure that the Geolocation field is set to none as it may be picking up your geolocation instead of the coordinates, you have to change this setting in the ASL Settings > General Tab.

GeoLocation Field

How to override the Store Locator Coordinates for multiple maps? #

In addition, If you would like different lat/lng values for a second store locator, you can override the current coordinates values with the shortcode attribute given below:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat="xxxx" default_lng="xxxx"]

Replace the xxxx with the coordinate values generated through the above steps.

Furthermore, for more information please refer to the below video.