Store Locator Plugin Guide

Change the Default Location

South Africa is the default location on the Agile Store Locator map. However, this location can easily be changed if some users prefer to have a different location.

Steps to Change the Default Location

Moreover, to change the original location please follow the below steps:

  1. From Google Maps, acquire the latitude and longitude for your desired location
  2. Go to the Agile Store Locator dashboard and click on "ASL Setting"
  3. Paste the coordinates under “Default Latitude” and “Default Longitude”.

That's it! you have successfully changed the location.

Default Latitude and Longitude
Default Latitude and Longitude

Furthermore, for more information please refer to the below video.

How to Override the Store Locator Coordinates?

In addition, If you would like different lat/lng values for a second store locator, you can override the current coordinates values with the shortcode attribute given below:

[ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat=”33.94” default_lng=”25.59”]

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