Store Locator Plugin Guide

Manage Categories

Categories with their icons can be updated through "Manage Categories". Furthermore, you can add a "New Category", and search for a category by ID and name. Moreover, through this listing, the admin can create and delete categories. The category icon will appear instead of the store marker for stores when the "Show Categories" option is enabled from "ASL Settings".

Manage Categories

Why categories are not appearing?

To make the categories appear in the list, make sure that you have assigned your categories to the stores and enabled them from the ASL Settings > UI section.

Show Categories Option

How to replace category names with icons?

In most of the templates, the category names are being displayed as compared to Template 1 where icons are displayed instead, so in case you want to display the icons instead of the name, you can easily change it through the ASL Customizer and replace the code below.

{{for categories}}
    <a><img src="{{:URL}}svg/{{:icon}}" alt="{{:name}}" width="60"></a>


Since version 4.9.7, Agile Store Locator introduces support for sub-categories, enhancing your ability to organize and filter locations precisely. This feature facilitates a more granular categorization of your stores, providing a richer experience for your users.

Create Sub-Categories

  1. Manual Entry:
    • Navigate to Manage Categories in your Agile Store Locator dashboard.
    • When editing or creating a new category, simply choose a Parent Category from the dropdown menu. This establishes the hierarchy with your selected category as the parent.
    • Save the changes, and voila! You've created a sub-category.
  2. CSV Import:
    • Excel in bulk organization using the CSV import feature.
    • In your CSV file, denote sub-categories with the format: MainCategory>SubCategory1|MainCategory>SubCategory2.
    • The "|" separator allows you to specify multiple sub-categories for a single main category.

Categories Dropdown Filter

The sub-categories once created, a dropdown will appear (except Template 2 & List) using which you can select apply a sub-category filter.


The sub-categories options will be available to select once a category is selected.