Store Description Not Appearing(Visibility)

If you’re wondering why your store description isn’t visible on your Store Locator, here’s a quick explanation and how to make it visible:

By default, the store description and any additional descriptions you’ve added to the form are hidden. However, you have the flexibility to make them visible by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to ASL Settings.
  2. In the UI Section, locate the option titled Description.
  3. Within this option, you’ll find three radio choices: Hide, In Store List, and In Modal via Link.
    • Hide: This option keeps the store description hidden.
    • In Store List: Choosing this option will display the description in the Store List.
    • In Modal via Link: If you select this option, a link will appear. When clicked, it will open a modal that contains the store description.

Select the option that best suits your needs, and your store descriptions will appear accordingly. This customization allows you to control the visibility and presentation of your store information to meet your specific requirements, however, it is not just limited to this, you have full control through the ASL Settings > Customizer, where can adjust it with more control like placement and conditional display, please see the documentation about Store Locator Customization.