How we can Customize the Template without modifying Core Plugin?

The plugin template can be customized without modifying the core plugin. Furthermore, you have to select the right template file which is located under the “Partials” folder in the public directory. Moreover, from that directory copy the template which you want to customize. Do all the needed customization in that template file, and paste it under your current theme directory folder.

Template back up through FTP Manager

How to back up the template directly from ASL Dashboard? #

In the newer versions, a feature has been added to back up the template directly from the ASL Dashboard. Please follow the steps given in the below image.

ASL Dashboard Screen View
Select the template to backup

How to Remove the Existing Template Backup? #

To remove the existing template file from the theme directory, you can do it from the ASL Dashboard by clicking on the “Remove Existing Template”, the steps are in the image below.

ASL Dashboard Remove Template