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How to use Agile Store Locator Shortcodes?

The most basic shortcode without any attribute to add Agile Store Locator in your page is [ASL_STORELOCATOR]. All the attributes of shortcode are using to override the functionality of ASL Settings. Admin can set all these settings from ASL Settings directly as well.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR template="1"]Possible Options (0,1) - We have three themes. Theme 0, Theme 1 and Theme 2.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR cluster="1"] Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR prompt_location="1"] Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR map_type="roadmap"] Possible Options (hybrid, roadmap, satellite, terrain)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR distance_unit="Miles"] Possible Options (Miles, KM)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR zoom="15"]Possible Options (9,10,11,....,21)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR advance_filter="1"]Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR show_categories="1"]Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR additional_info="1"]Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR distance_slider="1"]Possible Options (0,1)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR head_title="List of Stores"]"head_title" can be used to change the header of the Store Locator List.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR layout="1"]Possible Options (0,1) - Layout 1 is accordion style. Accordion layout will not have advance features, it will display the stores in Country, State and City Hirarchy.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR time_switch="1"]Possible Options (0,1) - Time switch to enable/disable the Switch
[ASL_STORELOCATOR category_marker="1"]Possible Options (0,1) - The short code attribute will show category markers instead of default markers (Use it only when each store is representing a single category)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR load_all="1"]Possible Options (0,1) - 0 will load markers on bound use it ONLY when having too many markers such as 500+ or 1000
[ASL_STORELOCATOR font_color_scheme="1"]Possible Options (0,1,2,3,4) - Change font color of theme 0
[ASL_STORELOCATOR color_scheme="1"]Possible Options (0,1,2,...,9) - Changes theme 0 background Color
[ASL_STORELOCATOR color_scheme_1="1"]Possible Options (0,1,2,...,9) - Changes theme 1 background Color
[ASL_STORELOCATOR map_layout="0"]Possible Options (0,1,2,...,8) - Change Google Map Style
[ASL_STORELOCATOR infobox_layout="0"]Possible Options (0,1,2) - Change Marker InfoWindow style for theme 0
[ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat="-33.947128" default_lng="25.591169"]Default Coordinates of Map can be changed using these attributes (default_lat && default_lng). The values must be valid coordinates otherwise the map will not appear properly.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR api_key="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]Google Maps API Key can be added in your Map, but this is not recommmended. Admin should add Google API Key in ASL Settings. How to generate API Key?
[ASL_STORELOCATOR display_list="0"]Possible Options (0,1). 0 will hide the stores List from page.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR full_width="1"]Possible Options (0,1). Full width Option 1 will stretch the Plugin to 100% width.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR time_format="0"]Possible Options (0,1). "0" is 12 Hours Format AM/PM while "1" is 24 Hour Format.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR category_title="Cities"]Category filter title can be updated by the easy shortcode attribute.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR no_item_text="No Deals Found"]The "No Store Found" can easily be updated by attribute no_item_text.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR zoom_li="12"]When store or Marker is clicked, the Zoom value at that time be changed by zoom_li. Value must be integer between 9 to 21.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR single_cat_select="1"]Possible Options (0,1). "1" will enable single category selection, default value is "0" which is multi-category selection.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR country_restrict="us"]Address search can be restricted by country. Enter 2 alphabet country code to restrict search, country codes can be seen at wikipedia.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR search_type="1"]Possible Options (0,1). "0" which is search google address which is default. "1" will change the search type to search by store names.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR scroll_wheel="1"]Possible Options (0,1). Google Maps scroll wheel can be enabled/disabled by attribute scroll_wheel.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR analytics="1"]Possible Options (0,1). Your store locator analytics can be enabled by attribute value "1". "0" will disable it which is default selection.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR category="5"]Possible Options (Category ID). This attribute restrict the Store Locator to a single defined Category, only stores that belong to that category will appear on the listing and map, multiple can categories can also be provided comma separated.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR minZoom="3"]Possible Options (Minimum Value 0). Restrict your Google Maps to a minimum Zoom Level, the range for Google Zoom is (0 to 22).
[ASL_STORELOCATOR maxZoom="20"]Possible Options (Maximum Value 0). Restrict your Google Maps to a maximum Zoom Level, the range for Google Zoom is (0 to 22).
[ASL_STORELOCATOR fixed_radius="100"]Possible Options (Must be a Number for Miles/KM). Store Locator radius can be set fixed through shortcode attribute fixed_radius, only stores which the range will appear on Map and listing.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR select_category="5"]Possible Options (Category ID). For default Category Selection, use attribute select_category, it will select that catgory and will apply the respective filter on the store locator.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR reset_button="1"]Possible Options To reset your Google Map (Zoom + Pan) to its original state which you have set from the ASL Settings.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR stores="5,6,7,8"]Possible Options To show only a few stores in a Store Locator or a Separate page, stores attribute can be used, in which Stores Ids can be passed as the parameter value.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR smooth_pan="1"]Possible Options Smooth Pan between Google Maps marker can be enabled through smooth_pan attribute, this feature will Pan to the next location smoothly without Zoom.
[ASL_STORELOCATOR user_center="1"]Possible Options user_center attribute will consider Default Lat and Default Lng as Center Point to the Stores and will calculate the Distance from it on page load.