Labeling the Markers and Store List

Agile Store Locator allows its users to customize their map markers and store lists with labels, and this has many advantages. Firstly, this will enable your markers and store lists to display one more piece of information to your customer. Secondly, your markers and store lists will appear more organized. Lastly, from matching the markers to the store list to numbering the stores by distance for a customer, adding marker labels is a subtle way to make your store locator map more practical.

Map with Marker Labels
Map with Marker Labels

Adding Labels to Map Markers #

To add the labels on your map marker, please follow these steps:

Firstly, use the below shortcode to activate the marker labels: 

[ASL_STORELOCATOR marker_label="1" label_origin="30x25" icon_size="60x60"]

A few things to understand about the above shortcode:

  1. The “1” next to “marker_label” implies that the labels are active
  2. The “label_origin” value indicates the position of the label relative to the marker’s center
  3. The “icon_size” value indicates the size of the label.

Furthermore, the values for “label-origin” and “icon_size” can be adjusted to re-position and change the size of the label in the marker, according to the user’s preference.

In addition, users can use the below link to get access to a marker with excellent image quality.
Marker Label View
Marker Label View

Adding Labels to the Store List. #

In addition, users are also capable of having the label on the markers appear on the store list. Thereby, perfectly matching the items on the map to the store list.

Furthermore, to label the store list please use the below shortcode and follow the below steps:

{{if label}}{{:label}} - {{/if}}
  1. Copy the above code
  2. Navigate to “Plugin”  and go to “Plugin Editor”
  3. Select “public”, then “partial” and then finally select the appropriate template .php file
  4. Paste the code under the “tmpl_list_item” script tag 
Add the Shortcode to Generate Labels
Add the Shortcode to Generate Labels

Now your store list will also be labeled as shown in the below image.

Store List with Labels
Store List with Labels