License & Pricing

“Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress” is a feature-rich Google Maps plugin available exclusively on Envato’s Here’s a guide outlining the key details:

  • Licensing: The regular license allows usage on a single domain for a lifetime.
  • Extended License: An extended license is also available, allowing usage on up to 10 sites.
  • Support: Customers receive support for a duration of 6 months, focusing on technical assistance and bug fixes.
  • Customization: Please note that support does not cover customization requests.
  • Pricing and specific plugin details can be found on the website.

Visit to explore and purchase the plugin.

Where do I add my license code? #

The license code is prompted on the Import/Export page of the store locator, in case it doesn’t prompt for you, that means you have already authenticated.


In case, you want to change it, you can change it from the ASL Settings Dashboard, there click on the “refresh” button and add your purchase code.


Support Guidance for Agile Store Locator for WordPress #

What’s Included in Support #
  1. Assistance With Plugin Installation: If you encounter difficulties installing your plugin after following the documentation, our support team will gladly assist you.
  2. Modifications Covered by Plugin Functionality: We provide support for minor tweaks or changes that do not require modification of plugin source files or the implementation of new features.
  3. Plugin Compatibility With Supported Plugins: We ensure that your plugin works as intended with any other plugin with or recommended by our company. Should any issues arise, they will be addressed promptly.
  4. Assistance With Reported Plugin Bugs: If you discover a bug that affects the functionality of the plugin, our support team is here to help resolve these issues.
  5. Providing Information about Recommended Server Configuration: Our support team can guide you to the server configuration changes necessary to resolve any issues you encounter.

What’s Not Included in Support #

  1. Complete Plugin Installation From Start to Finish: For users new to WordPress or those short on time, we offer a separate plugin installation service which is not included in standard support.
  2. Customization Not Covered by Plugin Functionality: Extending or modifying your plugin beyond its advertised features requires development work, which can be referred to our AgileLogix custom studio.
  3. Support for 3rd Party Plugins: While we strive for compatibility, we do not guarantee that the plugin will work seamlessly with third-party plugins. Additional customization might be required and is not covered under standard support.
  4. Help With Additional Scripts or Custom Code Added to the Plugin: Issues arising from custom code or scripts added to the website are beyond our support policy.
  5. Server Environment Setup: Issues related to your web hosting or server environment should be directed to your hosting provider as they are beyond our standard support scope.
  6. Website Speed Optimization and SEO: Optimizing website performance and SEO services are not included in our support. These services can be obtained through our AgileLogix customization service.