GDPR Consent for the Google Maps Library

Agile Store Locator is GDPR Supported. Furthermore, there are two ways through which users can provide GDPR consent for the Google Maps Library:

  1. Using the internal GDPR plugin
  2. Through Borlabs Cookies

To choose your preferred way of providing GDPR consent, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to “ASL Setting”
  2. Navigate to the “GDPR” option
  3. Select your preferred option
Consent Options

To use Borlabs Cookies for GDPR consent, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to “ASL Settings”, and select “Borlabs Cookies” on the “GDPR” options
  2. Click on “Save Settings”
  3. Insert the below shortcode (wrapped with Agile Store Locator code) into your WordPress page
[borlabs-cookie id="agilestorelocator" type="content-blocker"][ASL_STORELOCATOR][/borlabs-cookie]

For lite version of the plugin till 1.4.2 the above shortcode will be as follows.

[borlabs-cookie id="wpstorelocatorplugin" type="content-blocker"][ASL_STORELOCATOR][/borlabs-cookie]
  1. Go to the “Content Blocker” section on WordPress to see if “Store Locator WordPress” is active
Borlabs Content Blocker

The store locator map will appear as shown in the below image once the GDPR option has been enabled.

Store Locator with GDPR Consent
Store Locator with GDPR Consent

Borlabs 3 Compatibility Settings #

As Borlabs has released their latest version 3, to make it work with our plugin, please follow the steps.

1- Make sure you are using version 4.10.5+ of our plugin, in case you are using an older version, please upgrade to the latest version.

2- You need to install the package that Borlabs offer for our plugin.


So, once the package is installed, it should be working just fine as expected, in case of any issue please contact us with your details.