Store Locator Plugin Guide

Google Maps UI Button show White Boxes

Google Maps has changed its buttoned UI and made them bigger and more prominent, but due to CSS updates and conflict with our plugin, it has turned into white boxes without the icons, to bring back the icons, please paste the CSS provided below into your theme CSS file or \wp-content\plugins\codecanyon-16973546-agile-store-locator-google-maps-for-wordpress\public\css\asl_responsive.css.


body #asl-storelocator.asl-cont #asl-map-canv *{-webkit-box-sizing:initial;-moz-box-sizing:initial;box-sizing:initial}

body #asl-storelocator.asl-cont #asl-map-canv *:before,#asl-map-canv *:after{-webkit-box-sizing:initial;-moz-box-sizing:initial;box-sizing:initial}

Alternate Solution

If you have a problem putting up the CSS, simply delete the plugin, and upload the latest version from Please make sure to make a backup of assets from the store locator dashboard.