Custom Field Manager

Agile Store Locator offers the capability to create custom fields through the Custom Field Manager section in the ASL Settings. With custom fields, you can add additional fields to the store locator form and import values for these fields through a CSV file. The imported values can then be used in the store listings and info box.


To create custom fields, follow the steps outlined below:

1- Go to the ASL Settings and scroll down to the Custom Field Manager section.

2- Create your custom fields. For instance, let’s say you want to create fields for social media icons such as Facebook and Twitter. Create custom fields with labels “Facebook” and “Twitter” and set the control names as “facebook_url” and “twitter_url” respectively.


3- Leave the CSS Class field empty for now.

4- Click on the “Save Fields” button to save the custom fields.

Once the fields are created, you can utilize them in the form and CSV file. In the CSV file, create column names such as “facebook_url” and “twitter_url” and provide the corresponding values for each store. These values will be imported and associated with the respective custom fields.


Use these fields in the CSV File #

In order to use these fields in the CSV file, you will create columns in the CSV file with the exact same name that you have added in the control names.


Show Custom Fields in the Template #

The custom fields you created can be used in the Template Customizer, just like the default fields. To add these custom fields to your store locator template, please refer to the Template Customizer guide. It will provide you with detailed instructions on how to incorporate and configure the custom fields within the template.

Video Tutorial #

What is the purpose of CSS Class in the store Custom Field? #

The CSS Class is mainly for the social icons, that can be added for each store listing, in the social icon document we have described the purpose of the CSS Class field as using that you can add custom social icons to the stores.