Google Maps Configuration and Settings

This article will discuss Google Maps Configuration and settings. Google Maps provides the option to adjust it to your need such as setting up the minimum or maximum zoom values.

Here is the list of settings, that can be used as part of the shortcode.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR gesture_handling=”greedy”]Gesture handling (‘none’, ‘cooperative’, ‘greedy’)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR map_type=”greedy”]Map type (‘hybrid’, ‘roadmap’, ‘satellite’, ‘terrain’)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR scroll_wheel=”1″]Scroll wheel (‘0’, ‘1’)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR zoomcontrol=”false”]To disable Zoom Control
[ASL_STORELOCATOR maptypecontrol=”false”]To disable Map type option
[ASL_STORELOCATOR scalecontrol=”false”]To disable zoom option
[ASL_STORELOCATOR fullscreencontrol=”false”]To disable full screen option
[ASL_STORELOCATOR streetviewcontrol=”false”]To disable street view option
[ASL_STORELOCATOR maxzoom=”15″]Possible value between (10 to 22)
[ASL_STORELOCATOR minzoom=”5″]Possible value between (1 to 15)