Store Locator for WordPress is a fully translatable plugin for either the static content of the locator UI or the data itself that includes your stores, categories and other content such as specialties and brands, the static content such as header title can easily be translated by any WordPress translation plugin like WPML or Loco Translate, as described in this translation guide.

Static content in red, stores data in green

How to translate static content via the WPML plugin? #

All the static keywords can be translated via WPML plugin just like any other text that is done via WPML, please visit the plugins section of that plugin to see the Agile Store Locator in the list.

WPML Plugin List
Translate Static Content via WPML Plugin

How to translate the Stores data? #

Store locator stores data is maintained in its own store’s database table, so in order to translate it we have provided a control named Data WPML, that can be enabled through the ASL Settings > General tab.

Data WPML Feature

After enabling it, you will be able to feed the store data into multiple languages that are enabled on the site, for detail please read the section “How to Display the Store Data in Multiple Languages“.

The dropdown language selector is just showing one language #

In case your language dropdown in the manage stores is showing up only one language and you need to add more of it, please go to your WordPress admin panel, select “Settings”, then “General”, and check your “Site Language”, and add the new language, once the setting is saved, the new language will appear on the dropdown.

Data Translation