Store Locator Plugin Guide

Change Width of the Marker Info Window

To change the width of the marker info window, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the theme CSS editor, select "Appearance Editor", and select style.css.

    WordPress Theme Editor

    Image of WordPress Theme Editor

2. Paste this CSS below into your style.css and click Update File.

#asl-storelocator.asl-cont .infoBox {width: 400px !important;}
#asl-storelocator.asl-cont .infoBox .infoWindow {width: 100% !important;}
#asl-storelocator.asl-cont .infoBox .infoWindow .infowindowContent {width: unset !important;}

3. Use this shortcode with the same width value, that you have used in the CSS for the width, in our example, it is 400px, save it, and refresh the page to see the changes, please make sure you have installed the version 4.7.10 or above, in case of an older version, please upgrade it.

[ASL_STORELOCATOR infobox_width="400"]

4. Once you have saved the shortcode and the CSS, refresh the page to see the change.