Migrate Content and Settings

Migrating content and settings from one Agile Store Locator website to another is now easier with version 4.10.2. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly transfer all configurations, custom fields, and customizations to your new website.

  1. Export Settings: Begin by navigating to the ASL Settings on the old website. Look for the “Export Settings” button located on the top right corner. Click on it to generate a JSON file containing all your settings.
  2. Import Settings: On the new website, access the ASL Settings and locate the “Import Settings” option. Paste the JSON content copied from the old website into the designated area. Click on “Import” to transfer all configurations to the new website.
  3. Export CSV File: Next, export a CSV file containing your store data from the old website. Go to the Import/Export page and click on the “Export” button to generate the CSV file.
  4. Import CSV File: Once the CSV file is exported, proceed to the new website. On the Import/Export page, upload the CSV file by clicking on the designated upload button. After selecting the file, click on “Import” to complete the migration process.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly migrate all content and settings from your old Agile Store Locator website to the new one.